California Burrito with Nacho cheese and bacon

California Burrito: Flour tortilla, meat, fries, shredded cheese, Guacamole and Sour Cream plus like a million calories. This is the burrito most drunk college students ask for on a friday night at around 12 or 1 AM. Tacos Tonaya is where it’s at when you get hungry after partying all night. As you may of all heard Chico is the “party school” and everyone parties. Thats a lie because i’m not out partying instead i’m working, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE MY JOB! Not only because I get to work with my cousins but also because of the crazy things we see on the weekends, and when I say crazy I mean CRAZY.

It’s always fun to see when people are super under the influence and they ask for a burrito, and once it comes time to pay they want to pay twice because they forgot that they had already paid. The ones that make me laugh the most are the ones that praise you for being the best and making them a burrito, and are super thankful that we stay open until 2 AM which in reality we really close at 3 because we get super packed since college students just keep coming in. I only hope that they get home safe.

After the hurricane has passed, we clean up and head home. Usually my cousin drives me home when we work that late because I might fall asleep on the wheel which would be bad. Once I get home I go straight to bed and don’t wake up until 11 or 12 the next day. I get tired don’t get me wrong; being a college student and having a job is challenging but totally do-able. I have learned a lot since I started working. One of them being time management which I am still trying to get better at; especially if I have to turn in homework on a friday at 11:59 PM and i’m at work and it’s impossible. I know I have to do the assignment way before its due so that it won’t be late.

The point of my blog isn’t that we’re a party school and that every single student at CSU Chico parties. Instead it’s me showing you guys that it’s not impossible to have a job and go to school, and I think it’s great because it forces you to practice time management skills. Personally, in high school I didn’t have a job nor did I play sports so I had a lot of spare time to watch t.v. or just sit around on my phone(it was awesome). It wasn’t until I got a job in college that I was like, “damn I need to get my shit together and get things done in a timely manner” and that’s exactly what I did. At first it took time and I struggled to find time to do my homework and sometimes I get it, we just don’t have enough time in the day to do the million things we know we have to do before the day is over. And it’s okay if we don’t finish all 1 million of them at least we got 80% of it done. Just know that things take time and once we get used to them they don’t seem so hard. One day at a time.

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